"I went to a Caribbean resort for a week and had the time of my life. When I got home I jumped on the scale, expecting to see big weight gain. But my scale said I hadn’t gained weight. I was shocked. Then my husband reminded me that the whole point of the Feel Good Weight Formula was to make weight loss and weight maintenance easy."

— Amanda J.

“I’ve been on other diets, but Feel Good Weight was the only one where I felt confident and in control of my weight loss. I didn’t have spikes of weight loss followed by weight gain. Just consistent, week over week weight loss. In two weeks I had lost 15 pounds and went down a whole size!”

— Margaux S.

“Nine months after following the Feel Good Weight Formula, I’ve lost 80 pounds and my relationship with food has completely changed. Food is no longer the drug or crutch it used to be. The program essentially reprogrammed the way I think about food and the importance of exercise. Feel Good Weight Formula changed my life. For good.”

— James P.