About Stephen

I'm an executive at one of the nation's leading healthcare marketing firms. And I'm also a former fat dude. 

At my heaviest, I was tipping into "morbidly obese" territory. I had trouble sleeping. I had no energy. I had more rolls than a bakery.

I went on a mission to lose weight. The Internet diets all helped. For a minute. I'd lose 15 pounds, then slowly gain it all back. Even though I was at the gym 24/7.

I decided to find a better way. (Cue movie montage of me reading everything I could get my hands on and testing theory after theory.)

I went on to lose 70 pounds and never looked back. I got my certification in sports nutrition counseling and began coaching friends on the "Feel Good Formula" method for weight loss. 

Now I'm happier, healthier and fit as a fiddle. I coach clients on my method, which I'm proud to say is simple, effective and, unlike other diets, doesn't make food "the bad guy." 

I love my "Feel Gooder" clients. They're smart, busy moms, dads, businessmen and businesswoman who hit a moment in life when what worked for them to maintain their weight stopped working. Together, we create a simple road map to eat well so they lose the unwanted weight without the sacrifice and drama of conventional diets. 

I believe food should be fun and a source of fuel. If you're ready for a better way to lose weight, we ought to talk.